Friday Focus Morning Show – September 22

Could the Base Realignment And Closure process provide opportunities for Fort Huachuca? Garrison Commander Col. Whit Wright seems to think so. He gave us his thoughts on a possible BRAC during our second hour. We also talked about where his current priorities lie, why community partnerships continue to be vitally important, and the latest on the Mountain View Black Officers Club – could there be some good news finally?

Second Hour – Col. Whit Wright, Garrison Commander

First hour topics included the staffing challenges facing the Douglas Port of Entry, even though new hires could be making $80,000 or more within four years. We also discussed the ongoing sewage crisis at the border with Naco, Mexico, and how the perception that our county is dangerous could be hampering economic development. And why is Bisbee Fire Department charging up to $5,900 per hour for its services beyond the city limits?

First Hour – Community news & issues

Sierra Vista Fire Chief Ron York dropped by to talk about the potential new contract for paramedic and EMT services at Fort Huachuca. The department is looking to recruit 18 new people – find out how you could be one of them. And the Sierra Vista Symphony is now in its 23rd season. We talked to board members Larry Hampton and Mary Mueller about the upcoming concerts and fundraisers.

Third Hour – Sierra Vista Fire Dept. / Sierra Vista Symphony

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