Friday Focus Morning Show – Sept 30

img_0048During a busy morning we learned about National Night Out, upcoming events, local news, the Cochise Family Advocacy Center, the school bond issue, and the Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra. In our first hour we were joined by Tim Wachtel, of Sierra Vista Police Dept., and Ricky Murray, from Target, who told us about the annual National Night Out featuring first responders. Eric Petermann from the Herald talked about legislationĀ to create Chiricahua National Park, the review of city boards and commissions, and Prop 205 to legalize pot. All of this and info on local events also.

First Hour – Upcoming Events

img_0049In hour two we interviewed Oralee Stokes, Victims Advocate Coordinator, with the Cochise Family Advocacy Center, also known as Lori’s Place. Oralee explained why this facility is so vital to the community.

Second Hour – Cochise Family Advocacy Center

img_0050Still undecided on the school bond issue in Sierra Vista? We spoke with Deb Scott and Bruce Docktor about why the school district needs $28m, to be raised through property taxes. Finally, Larry Hampton, Grant Hayes and Terry Bowmaster dropped by to tell us about the Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra and its upcoming concert on October 15.

Third Hour – School Bond & Sierra Vista Symphony


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