Friday Focus Morning Show – October 6

Topics of discussion on this week’s show included Internet access in rural Cochise County and its impact on economic development. Should local governments subsidize high speed Internet infrastructure? We also looked at the latest report from local economist Dr. Robert Carreira, which reveals some good news for home owners. Should the police spend more time dealing with traffic  offenders, or should they focus efforts elsewhere? And will an impending court case over water rights shut down local wells?

First Hour – Community News & Issues

Our second hour guest was Arlethe Rios, Clerk to the Cochise County Board of Supervisors. Arlethe plays a very important role within the government organization, and she explained how her department is working on behalf of local taxpayers.

Second Hour – County Clerk

In our third hour we heard the latest updates on Good Neighbor Alliance, our local homeless shelter, from its director Kathy Calabrese. Find out how you can help this good cause by buying one of its 2018 calendars. And master gardener Jan Groth dropped by to tell us about the Discovery Gardens at the University of Arizona South, which will finally open to the public on October 14.

Third Hour – Community Organizations

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