Friday Focus Morning Show – May 27

IMG_0144Did you know Sierra Vista Public Library has more to offer than books? Find out about all the great services they provide to the community, including bike rentals, from children’s librarian Sierra Beril, and adult services librarian Susan Abend. We also have details on their summer reading program, which is open to adults for the first time. We also have details on the first Be Bisbee Festival, Wyatt Earp Days, a jazz festival, hummingbird banding, and a lot more.

IMG_0145During our second hour our guest was Col. Tony Boone who reflected on his two years as Fort Huachuca’s Garrison Commander. He told us about some of the achievements of the last 24 months, the challenges facing the installation, and tells us the story behind this week’s brush fire.

IMG_0146In our third hour we continued our discussion with Col. Boone, before welcoming Jessica King and Jonathan Melk from Chiricahua Community Health Center for our final 30 minutes. This organization has expanded to offer medical services to residents across the county and is continuing to grow.

First Hour – Events, Community News & Sierra Vista Public Library

Second Hour – Col. Tony Boone

Third Hour – Col. Tony Boone & Chiricahua Community Health Center

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