Friday Focus Morning Show – May 26, 2017

As economic development continues to remain a hot topic in our region, we discussed possible plans by the county to invest in improvements at the Bisbee-Douglas International Airport, as well as the debate over whether the City of Sierra Vista should appoint an economic development commission. Should the state dictate when cities can hold elections for sales tax hikes? We took a look at that new law, along with the request by Sheriff Mark Dannels for $1.3m in salary raises.

First Hour – Local news and issues

Mary Tieman, Executive Director of the Sierra Vista Chamber, talked about her perspective regarding the local economy, with guest host Tim Cervantes. Learn more about the chamber and its many benefits to the business community.

Second Hour – Chamber of Commerce

In our third hour we were joined by Canyon Vista Medical Center’s new interventional cardiologist Dr. Vinay Sanghi, and Crystal Corbet, director of the cath lab and cardiac services. They both gave a great insight into these services, as well as some sage advice regarding heart disease and preventing heart attacks.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

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