Friday Focus Morning Show – May 19

Should the City of Sierra Vista expand the Vista Transit bus service following a recent study, or does it need to find a more efficient way to run it? State legislators Drew John and Gail Griffin have agreed to ‘switch seats’ during the 2018 election to allow Griffin to remain at the Capitol, even though she will have termed out in the Senate. Is this a good way to retain her experience, or should she step aside for new blood? How has the City of Bisbee allowed local residents and businesses to run up a $1.4m sewer and sanitation debt? Has the city only got itself to blame for the situation and how will it be resolved? These were some of the issues we discussed this week with Sierra Vista Herald opinions editor Eric Petermann.

First Hour – Community News

While the Sierra Vista Unified School District was successful in persuading voters to pass a $28m school bond, there are still many budget challenges ahead. We spoke to Superintendent Kriss Hagerl about the impact of recent legislation, the struggle to give teachers a pay raise, and how the expanded school voucher program could impact the district.

Second Hour – Kriss Hagerl

Adult services librarian Susan Abend dropped by to tell us about the Sierra Vista Public Library’s Summer Reading Program, which isn’t just for kids. We also have the details on a number of upcoming events and programs in the the community.

Third Hour – Community Events

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