Friday Focus Morning Show – March 3

Why are assaults on Sierra Vista’s police officers rising? Will local businesses agree to have their properties designated as part of a redevelopment area? What does it take to become an American citizen, and is there good news regarding home sales? These are just some of the topics we discussed during the first hour of this week’s Friday Focus Morning Show.

First hour – Local news and events

Find out how easy it is to save a gallon of water a day and to do your part to conserve this valuable resource. We interviewed Mary Anne Capehart, of Water Wise, about some of their latest initiatives, including an interesting way to water your plants using earthenware pots.

Second hour – Water Wise

In our final hour we learned more about Catholic Community Services and their programs to help local people struggling to pay their mortgages from Lydia Ramirez. We also heard from Tait Wilcox, who told us about the new look Home & Business Expo being hosted by the Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association. Thanks to SSVEC for sponsoring this hour!

Third hour – Catholic Community Services / SACA Home Show

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