Friday Focus Morning Show – March 25

Lots of Easter activities this weekend and you can get all the details you need from the first hour of the show. In the second hour we interviewed Jack Blair, of SSVEC, and Rick Coffman, of Castle & Cooke, who are part of a relatively new effort to bring retirees to the community. Learn more about this economic development program and how local businesses can get involved. You can visit the Retire Sierra Vista Program at

During hour three we were joined by Ed Cunningham of the Cochise County School Tuition Organization. Find out how you can divert the tax dollars you owe the state toward good causes in the local community. In our final half hour we spoke to Andy Enriquez and Hector Martinez, of the Verhelst Recovery House in Bisbee, which helps alcohol and drug addicts.

First Hour – Community Events

Second Hour – Retire Sierra Vista Program

Third Hour – Cochise County School Tuition organization & Verhelst Recovery House

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