Friday Focus Morning Show – March 24

Want to know the latest from Fort Huachuca? Garrison Commander Col. Whit Wright stopped by the studio to talk about a wide variety of topics, including possible areas of future growth, the federal hiring freeze, changes to the post’s access policy, and the proposed federal budget and what it could mean for the military.

First Hour – Fort Huachuca

How will a federal proposal to cut Community Development Block Grant money impact Sierra Vista, which is a regular recipient of these funds? What good news was announced this week with regards to water retention and the San Pedro River? And is enough being done to clean up the junk yards of Huachuca City? These are just some of the issues we discussed with Eric Petermann, of the Sierra Vista Herald.

Second Hour – Local news & events

We had a fascinating discussion with Dr. Melody Buckner, the interim Dean at the University of Arizona South. Melody filled us in on the many exciting projects and courses taking place at the campus, and how the university is embracing new technologies to benefit the community and its students.

Third Hour – University of Arizona South

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