Friday Focus Morning Show – March 17

Will there be a new wall along the border? What does the future hold for the Border Patrol, and will Cochise County be seeing additional agents soon? These are just some of the questions we posed to Michael Hyatt, Agent in Charge at the Brian  A. Terry Border Patrol Station, Naco. Hear what he had to say about life working along the border and why a solid wall may not necessarily be the answer to national security.

Second Hour – Border Patrol

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with the help of Mary Coyle and Billy Power, who told us about an event to honor the patron saint of Ireland. Billy also entertained with a beautiful song from the Emerald Isle. We were also joined by film director Rod Stevens, who will be premiering his short movie ‘Learning To Drive’ in Sierra Vista on March 25 at the Uptown Theater. His work has been garnering global attention. He was accompanied by Derek Jordan, of Premier Alliances, a local non-profit sponsoring the movie screening.

First Hour – Local Events

In our final hour we learned about the day-to-day operations of the busy emergency department at Canyon Vista Medical Center. Kim Reger, the department’s director, and Gina Florez, pre-hospital coordinator, joined us in the studio to share information and updates.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

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  1. It is Brian Terry not Bryan Terry. He died in the line of duty. Show respect and check spelling. It really makes you look bad.

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