Friday Focus Morning Show – June 10

IMG_0159If you’re interested in finding out more about mental illness and local resources, be sure to attend the annual meeting of the local National Alliance on Mental Illness this Saturday. NAMI board president Judy Tritz stopped by to tell us about the event, which features former TV news anchor Martha Vazquez as the guest speaker. Learn about all the other events taking place this weekend and over the next few days, and listen to our discussion with Eric Petermann from the Sierra Vista Herald about this week’s news events.

First Hour – Upcoming Events

IMG_0158Think Sierra Vista doesn’t have a history? Let Nancy Krieski change your mind. Nancy is the curator of the Henry F. Hauser Museum and we had a fascinating discussion about the museum, its role in our community, its changing exhibits, and local history.

Second Hour – Henry F. Hauser Museum

The City of Sierra Vista is going through its annual budget process and councilman Craig Mount joined us for our third hour to talk about that. He also told us about a new venture called Dream 360, which aims to help bolster the local housing market and promote area businesses, events, politics and more.

Third Hour – Craig Mount

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