Friday Focus Morning Show – June 1, 2018

Mayor Rick Mueller joined us this week to talk about the city’s budget, why the council raised sewer/trash fees, why the recycling system is changing, plans for developing the West End, and much more.

Second Hour – Mayor Rick Mueller

In the first hour we discussed the changes to the Sierra Vista and Cochise County recycling program, the upcoming city council elections, the Census and citizenship, and why a court case in Hawaii could impact the County and its water recharge projects.

First Hour – Community News

The 25th anniversary of the movie Tombstone will be celebrated in the Town too Tough to Die in a few weeks. One of the organizers, Gordon Anderson, dropped by to tell us which members of the cast will be there and what else will be going on that weekend. Finally, Lou Brock of GHAWK Drone Services talked about his new business for owners of lost pets.

Third Hour – Tombstone / Lost pets

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