Friday Focus Morning Show – July 7

Will the City of Sierra Vista have an economic development manager in place soon? Is the current strategy to improve our economy working and is the branding effort working? Mayor Rick Mueller joined us to answer these questions, and more. We talked about his recent trip to Washington D.C. and what lies ahead for Fort Huachuca. And find out his thoughts on using money from current job vacancies on other projects.

Second Hour – Mayor Rick Mueller

Economic development also dominated our first hour, when we discussed the current city strategy and what might happen down the road with the Herald’s Eric Petermann. Why are some residents of Fry Town resisting annexation to the city and  what’s the latest on the Howard Buffet Foundation donation of four trucks to the County Sheriff’s department?

First Hour – Local news & issues

In our final hour, we learned about what goes on behind the scenes with B Troop, 4th U.S. Cavalry (Memorial). We were joined by B Troop’s program coordinator Chris Zimmerman and troop executive officer CW4 Ty Riemann.

Third Hour – B Troop

2 thoughts on “Friday Focus Morning Show – July 7”

  1. Just finished listening to the first hour of 7-7, and i have a few comments.

    1. I’m retired military, and in the time I was active I’ve watched communities that are ‘too” tied to the base. Reliance on a base and its economy is bad planning. Sierra Vista has already seen what happens when the base scales back, multiply that by 100 and you have the economic damage a base closure can cause. Been there done that…

    2. Near the very end of your first hour discussion was had about voter fraud, and I about tossed my breakfast listening. Sounds to me like someone ‘thinks’ they have the answer to voter fraud – is it claustrophobic having your head in the sand? – but in reality hasn’t a clue. There was and has been voter fraud – look back through history – and to ignore it only perpetuates the problem.

    Over all, the first hour was interesting.

  2. Finished listening to the second hour, and my takeaway is: Seems to me that city structures have been around long enough that budgeting shouldn’t be an issue. There have to be cities that have all of it right, or at least have some things done well. We need to stop trying to REINVENT the wheel.

    I hear that SV has looked around at other cities, and in my mind that’s a good thing, We need to find cities worth following, and use what works…

    Decent 2nd hour

    Quick question. If Law Enforcement insurance – life and health – are funded by the city, wouldn’t it be cheaper, and have fewer financial impacts on the city, to be insured through an insurance company? Using a company would also dictate health, fitness and drug testing be accomplished regularly, and those that are insured could be let go, if they are a health liability to the city…just my thought

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