Friday Focus Morning Show – January 26

Is Huachuca City beginning a new, prosperous era now that former mayor George Nerhan has been ordered to clean up his blighted properties? Are the outstanding sewer bills in Bisbee getting paid? Is their public apathy over elections and community involvement? And should the state legislature be allowed to choose candidates for the U.S. Senate? We discussed these topics during our first hour this week.

First Hour – Community News

A major initiative has been launched to create a healthier community. Cochise County Health & Social Services Director Carrie Langley, and Prevention Services Director Judy Gilligan, joined us to talk about Healthy Cochise and the Community Health Improvement Plan. Learn how you can get involved.

Second Hour – Community Health

In our third hour we were joined by Anne Walker and Marcy Werne of Via Elegante Assisted Living in Sierra Vista. Find out about what the facility offers, and when you should start thinking about assisted living for loved ones.

Third Hour – Via Elegante

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