Friday Focus Morning Show – February 2

Huachuca City has welcomed a new town manager, just as Benson has said goodbye to its leader. What impact will these changes have on these communities? We talked about this topic in our first hour, along with the news that Canyon Vista Medical Center CEO Randy Anderson has resigned. We also touched on the latest homeless counts in Cochise County, why workers don’t take vacations, and a proposed minimum wage bill.

First Hour – Community News

In our second hour our guest was Cochise County Administrator Ed Gilligan, who discussed economic development, the changes he has brought to the organization during his first year as administrator, the new county newsletter, and why partnerships are the key to future success.

Second Hour – Ed Gilligan

Get all the details on upcoming events, including this weekend’s Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering, and the latest Sherlock Holmes production from Theater On The Move, in hour three.

Third Hour – Community Events

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