Friday Focus Morning Show – February 10

Sierra Vista police officers will be wearing body cameras while out on patrol and we talked about why that is a good idea during the first hour of this morning’s show. We also discussed the latest news regarding ing the local economy with the Herald’s Eric Petermann, as well as concerns regarding teen vaping, the latest on the bicycle racks, and other local issues.

First Hour – Current Affairs

Learn more about the next production from Theater On The Move from guest Renee Lipinski, who told us how local actors will be bringing the classic story ‘Harvey’ to the stage. Why is $10,000 being spent on a Vista Transit study? Dan Coxworth, of the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Organization, joined us to tell us about that topic, as well as other traffic news. We also discussed plans to improve the West End.

Second Hour – Transportation

In our final hour we continued the discussion with Dan, before being joined by T.K. McCutcheon of the Salvation Army, which has a fundraising Valentine’s gala coming up. T.K. also told us about the impact of the new building, which opened last year.

Third Hour – Salvation Army

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