Friday Focus Morning Show – Feb 24

Should parts of the West End be designated as blighted to obtain much needed redevelopment funds? We had an in-depth discussion with Mayor Rick Mueller about this subject, and how the business community can have its say. We also talked about potential federal overreach on local water rights which could have a lasting impact on our community. Mayor Mueller told us about the city’s approach to this issue, along with his views on the local economy.

Second hour – Mayor Rick Mueller

Would you pay to visit Brown Canyon Ranch and other local attractions that are currently free? The Coronado National Forest is considering introducing new fees, raising current fees, and closing some visitor amenities to close a $2.5m budget gap. This was a subject of discussion during our first hour, which also included the border fence, the West End, and federal government representative town halls. We also heard from Jan Groth about the upcoming High Desert Gardeners and Landscaping Conference, and from Beth Orozco and Jay Treiber, of the Cochise Creative Writing Celebration.

First hour – Local news & events

In our third hour we learned about the Canyon Vista Medical Center’s Advanced Wound Care Center from Dr. Kara Montes, Clinical Nurse Manager Nettie Steward, and Program Manager Cindy Fulbright. Find out about the center’s state-of-the-art services, who can take advantage of it, and why the center received a 98% satisfaction rate from its patients.

Third hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

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