Friday Focus Morning Show – Feb 17

If you want to find out more about tourism marketing and how visitors find out about Cochise County, then you won’t want to miss our interview with Judy Hector, the city’s Marketing, Tourism & Public Affairs Manager. We talked to Judy in our second hour about the city’s brand and how it’s being utilized, where and how Sierra Vista is being promoted, how the city attracts travel writers and television program makers to our region, and an exciting new event coming up in May.

First Hour – Community news and events

During our first hour we discussed local news events, such as the Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting, the change of management at Cochise County, the border fence, and more. We’ve also got lots of info on events taking place in and around the region, including a casino fundraising night for Relay for Life .

Second Hour – Tourism

Finally, we learned about an organization called Project Toothbrush for Homeless Veterans from our guest Anna Lee David. Find out how you can help this great cause. The Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra is staging its popular Men Who Cook fundraiser on March 4, followed by a Neil Diamond Tribute Concert on March 5. Get details on tickets and other info.

Third Hour – Homeless veterans / Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra

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