Friday Focus Morning Show – December 8

Deputy to the Commanding General of Fort Huachuca, Jeff Jennings, joined us to discuss the current shape of the military installation, a possible BRAC, and how the community has provided critical help in supporting the post. We also heard from Matt Walsh, Executive Liaison to the CG, about why the recent Maguire Study & Report commissioned by Governor Doug Ducey is so important to Fort Huachuca.

Second Hour – Jeff Jennings

Topics talked about in our first hour with the Herald’s Eric Petermann included the latest news regarding the Douglas Port of Entry, jobs growth in the county, illegal immigrant apprehensions, and the Mountain View Officers Club on Fort Huachuca.

First Hour – Community News & Issues

Cochise College dropped by in our third hour to educate us on some of their programs. We heard from Sharon Gilman, Director of the Center for Life Long Learning, and Susie Morss, Director of Adult Education. We also talked to Terri Hartley, a student of the Adult Education course, who will graduate with a GED in May.

Third Hour – Cochise College

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