Friday Focus Morning Show – December 2

img_0064If you’re confused about water issues in our community, then we recommend you listen to the interview we did with Eric Petermann, of the Sierra Vista Herald. Eric wrote a detailed article about the ongoing court case involving local water rights. A key player is the Bureau of Land Management, which is asking for a substantial amount of water for the San Pedro River. If the BLM wins its case, it will have significant consequences for everyone in the Sierra Vista sub watershed. We also discussed the current Arby’s demolition and the issue of blight in Sierra Vista.

Third Hour – BLM water rights and community news

img_0094During our first hour we covered many of the Christmas events taking place this weekend, as well as other happenings. We also spoke with Shontel Stanford, a local author who has written about her experiences as a single mother. She will be conducting a book signing on December 10 at the Landmark Cafe.

First Hour – Upcoming Events

img_0095In hour two we were joined by Rachel Gray, the new executive director of Premier Alliances, a local charity which helps disabled people to find employment. Rachel spoke about the great work this organization does in our community and her plans for its future. This interview also included one of its employees, Billy Ballesteros, who is a Premier Alliance success story. He told us about the work he’s responsible for on Fort Huachuca.

Second Hour – Premier Alliances

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