Friday Focus Morning Show – December 1

Will growth in Sierra Vista come to a permanent halt if Castle & Cooke loses a court case regarding its Tribute development? The company’s Sierra Vista-based Vice President Rick Coffman talked about the possible consequences of this planned community failing to proceed. He also told us about a new partnership with the County Sheriff to help address a shortage in the local construction industry.

Second Hour – Rick Coffman, Castle & Cooke

Topics discussed in the first hour included Fort Huachuca’s contributions to the local and state economy, slow progress in the city’s efforts to annex Fry Town, rising traffic fatalities, and a new study declaring the region the 25th worst in which to get sick.

First Hour – Community News & Issue

Are you prepared for an emergency? Would your family know what to do if a community disaster happened? We had a visit from Brian Bussey, CEO & Founder of the International Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief Organization, who talked about his efforts to provide relief in disaster-hit areas, and how you can prepare yourself and your family for an emergency situation.

Third Hour – Emergency Preparedness

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