Friday Focus Morning Show – August 11

Will Benson’s population explode in the next few years if Villages of Vigneto goes ahead? City manager Bill Stephens believes that could be a possibility, but is Benson ready for a large influx of people? Bill joined us to talk about this major development, which will have an impact on the entire county. We also touched on the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System and how that impacts the city’s budget, as well as tourism efforts.

Second hour – Benson City Manager

Topics during our first hour included the city’s spotlight breakfast, Sierra Vista’s new tourism marketing strategy, ongoing efforts to stall the clean up of junk yards in Huachuca City, the border wall, and the campaign to stop the expanded schools voucher program.

First Hour – Community news and issues

Captain Bob Fields of Sierra Vista Fire & Medical Services came by to promote the upcoming Citizens Fire Academy – find out what this program involves and how you can apply. We also looked at the many events coming up this weekend and beyond, including a visit to Tombstone by movie star Val Kilmer.

Third Hour – Citizens Fire Academy & Events

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