Friday Focus Morning Show – April 14

The city council decided to drop plans to designate 342-acres along Fry Boulevard as “blight and slum”, but will pursue another avenue. Find out what that will be during the first hour of the Friday Focus Morning Show. We were joined by the Herald’s Eric Petermann who joined the lively discussion about local economic development, border tourism, population declines, and more.

First Hour – Local News

The new Cochise County Administrator Ed Gilligan dropped by the studio to talk about his future plans for the organization. They include a focus on economic development, a new strategy regarding staff pay raises and benefits, and how he plans to deal with continuing budget challenges.

Second Hour – Ed Gilligan, Cochise County

Do you have some old prescription drugs you need to dispose of? Carol Capas of the Sheriff’s department, and Monica Rawlings, of Impact Sierra Vista, told us how the public can do that. And we had a great discussion with Daniel Parrotta and Jake Jones-Martinez from Habitat for Humanity about the important work they do in our community.

Third Hour – Habitat for Humanity

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