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Friday Focus Morning Show – July 27, 2018

The Friday Focus Morning Show is on an extended break from its regular format, but this morning we did a special interview with Canyon Vista Medical Center’s Dr. Joe Thompson and Barb Jackson. Joe is the hospital’s Chief Resident and Barb is the Graduate Medical Education Coordinator. We learned a lot about the residency program – did you know Canyon Vista is a teaching facility? – and its benefits to the community.

Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – June 8, 2018

Rabies cases are on the rise and mosquito season is upon us. Carrie Langley, Director of Cochise Health & Social Services talked about how you can protect yourself and your pets. She also discussed how your business can become a healthy worksite, how the County can help you quit smoking, plus much more.

Second Hour – Health Department

First hour discussion topics included a new appointment at Buena High School, the advantages of the Permanent Early Voting List, plans to map the water flow of the San Pedro River, and how local national parks are boosting the economy.

First Hour – Community News

Our third hour featured Annette Shelton and Valerie Weller from Canyon Vista Medical Center, who talked about the need for volunteers at the Casa de la Paz Hospice, and the hospital. There are many opportunities available for those wanting to give back to the community.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – May 18, 2018

Do early ballots really get counted during an election? Is mailing in your ballot a secure way to vote? Should you be registered on the permanent early voting list? These were just some of the questions answered by our guest Lisa Marra, Director of the Cochise County Elections Department. Find out about what the department’s role is, their upcoming open house with the Recorder’s Office, and how you can participate in the democratic process.

Second Hour – Elections Department

During our first hour topics discussed included changes to the recycling system, proposed fee increases at area recreation spots, a potential new bed tax in Sierra Vista, and much more.

First Hour – Community News & Issues

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month so we invited Jonathan Rutherford, RN Behavioral Health Director at Canyon Vista Medical Center, to talk to us about the stigma of mental health, symptoms of mental health, and where you can get help. Marketing Director Stephanie Peterson also talked about improvements in the emergency department, some new patient initiatives, and changes in the hospital’s leadership.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – May 4, 2018

Why is the City of Sierra Vista and Cochise County considering changing the recycling system? Will teachers get the 20% raise promised by the legislature? Can drivers expect more delays as a major road construction project begins? These were some of the topics of discussion during our first hour.

First Hour – Community News

Mark Schmitt and Chris Karges of the Small Business Development Center joined us to talk about what services they provide, trends in business start-ups, why social media is critical to business survival, and much more.

Second Hour – Small Business Development Center

Sierra Vista Public Library’s Summer Reading Program kicks off this month and Susan Abend and Erica Merritt dropped by to tell us all about it. We also give you details on all the events taking place this weekend, including the West End Fair.

Third Hour – Community Events

Friday Focus Morning Show – April 27, 2018

The teachers’ walkout and property taxes were just a couple of the topics covered this week by Pat Call and Eric Petermann. Find out what they had to say on these and other current issues.

First Hour – Community News

How is our local economy faring? Economist Robert Carreira joined Pat to talk about his latest updates for Sierra Vista and our prospects for the future.

Second Hour – Economic Outlook

The West End Fair is coming up soon. Find out more about this popular event and what will be on offer in Sierra Vista’s oldest neighborhood. And we invited Sierra Vista News Network to drop by the studio and tell us more about their mission.

Third Hour – West End / News Network

Friday Focus Morning Show – April 20, 2018

Is Sierra Vista’s economy still at rock bottom or we crawling our way out of the recession? Pat Call gives the highlights of the annual economic outlook luncheon. We also talked about Governor Ducey’s visit to Sierra Vista, the planned teachers’ strike, and the continuing budget woes in Bisbee.

First Hour – Community News

There are changes taking place at Cochise County, including in the Development Services Department. Its director, Dan Coxworth, joined us to talk about his vision for the department, the services being provided, and a proposal to allow recreational vehicles to become permanent dwellings.

Second Hour – Community Development

Are you registered as an organ donor? It’s easy to do and could help save multiple lives. Debbie Rocas, of Canyon Vista Medical Center, and Nico Santos, of Donor Network of Arizona, dropped by to tell us about the process and to explain some of misconceptions surrounding organ donation.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – April 13, 2018

Wildfire season is upon us! But do you know what to do to keep you, your family, and your property safe? Fry Fire District Chief Mark Savage dropped by the studio to talk about how to prepare for emergencies and where to get the right information.

Second Hour – Fry Fire Chief

Our community news and issues hour included discussions on the results of the chicken ordinance vote in Sierra Vista, the space problems facing the city’s animal shelter, the county’s plans to change its RV policies, and a proposed new law to bring in a legal age of marriage.

First Hour – Community news

Find out more about what’s going on at Cochise College, including its science department and a recent field trip, and an upcoming fundraiser for its scholarship program, involving food, wine, and horse racing.

Third Hour – Cochise College

Friday Focus Morning Show – March 30, 2018

Topics discussed this week included a continued discussion on gun control, job losses in Cochise County, and changes to the County’s free dump days program. We also talked to Tait Wilcox from the local contractors’ association about an upcoming jobs fair.

First Hour – Community news

Our second hour guests included Kelly Wright and Leslie Norton from the Fort Huachuca Community Spouses Club, who talked about their fundraising golf tournament, and Beth Orozco and Jay Treiber of the Cochise Creative Writing Celebration, coming up April 13/14.

Second Hour – Community events

Via Elegante Assisted Living came to the studio in the third hour to talk about their business and preparing for the future.

Third Hour – Via Elegante


Friday Focus Morning Show – March 23, 2018

Has the County Attorney’s decision to prosecute juvenile drug smugglers made a positive impact on border crime? Brian McIntyre joined us to talk about why he took this approach and the consequences. He also discussed the current opioid crisis and how his office is addressing the issue, and we asked him to give his perspective on the state prison population – are we sending too many people to jail?

Second Hour -County Attorney

First hour topics included the Tombstone School District policy regarding guns, the latest businesses coming into Sierra Vista, the potential for refuse fees to rise, and the decision by the Friends of the Sierra Vista Library to move their bookstore from a free space to a site where they will be paying rent.

First Hour -Community News

County news and community events were the focus of the third hour. We looked at the new services offered by the County’s Development Services Department, an application before the Planning & Zoning Commission for a pig breeding facility, an increase in passport fees, and a free workshop offered by the Health Dept. for people with chronic conditions.

Third Hour – County News & Community Events

Friday Focus Morning Show – March 16, 2018

Will the Tribute development finally be moving ahead in the near future? Castle & Cooke Senior Vice President Rick Coffman joined us to talk about the ongoing court battle to build out one of the last remaining developable properties in Sierra Vista. He also gave his thoughts on the current housing market.

Second Hour – Castle & Cooke

Topics discussed in our first hour included plans to narrow west Fry Boulevard, the County’s new strategic plan, and a $500,000 grant which will allow the County to take another step toward building a water recharge basin near the San Pedro River.

First Hour – Community News

In our third hour we discussed the latest news from Canyon Vista Medical Center. Our guests included Joy Upshaw, Chief Nursing Officer, Cosette Britton, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer, and Rachael Penix, Acute Care Director.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center