Friday Focus Morning Show – December 15

Sierra Vista Police Chief Adam Thrasher was our second hour guest and we asked him about the new policy regarding funeral procession escorts. Find out why the department will no longer offer this. Adam also spoke about recruitment challenges, the rise in mental health incidents, and what’s being done to tackle the issue, and told us about his priorities for 2018.

Second Hour – Chief Adam Thrasher

Topics discussed by Pat and Amanda during the first hour included Congresswoman Martha McSally and whether she will run for the U.S. Senate, as well as the announcement that Tucson Hispanic Chamber CEO Lea Marquez Peterson will run for McSally’s seat in Congress. We also talked about the dilemma facing Bisbee with regards to abandoned buildings, the latest news regarding Villages at Vigneto, and the struggle to fill job vacancies along the border.

First Hour – Community News & Issues

Canyon Vista Medical Center has installed a $6 million computer system that will vastly improve the way patient medical records are compiled and stored. There are also plans to provide patients with access to their records online. We were joined by the hospital’s Dr. Kara Montes, Chief of Staff, and Jennifer Doerner, Director of Health Information Management, as well as Alan Smith and Dr. Vishal Bhatia, of RCCH Healthcare Partners.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – December 8

Deputy to the Commanding General of Fort Huachuca, Jeff Jennings, joined us to discuss the current shape of the military installation, a possible BRAC, and how the community has provided critical help in supporting the post. We also heard from Matt Walsh, Executive Liaison to the CG, about why the recent Maguire Study & Report commissioned by Governor Doug Ducey is so important to Fort Huachuca.

Second Hour – Jeff Jennings

Topics talked about in our first hour with the Herald’s Eric Petermann included the latest news regarding the Douglas Port of Entry, jobs growth in the county, illegal immigrant apprehensions, and the Mountain View Officers Club on Fort Huachuca.

First Hour – Community News & Issues

Cochise College dropped by in our third hour to educate us on some of their programs. We heard from Sharon Gilman, Director of the Center for Life Long Learning, and Susie Morss, Director of Adult Education. We also talked to Terri Hartley, a student of the Adult Education course, who will graduate with a GED in May.

Third Hour – Cochise College

Friday Focus Morning Show – December 1

Will growth in Sierra Vista come to a permanent halt if Castle & Cooke loses a court case regarding its Tribute development? The company’s Sierra Vista-based Vice President Rick Coffman talked about the possible consequences of this planned community failing to proceed. He also told us about a new partnership with the County Sheriff to help address a shortage in the local construction industry.

Second Hour – Rick Coffman, Castle & Cooke

Topics discussed in the first hour included Fort Huachuca’s contributions to the local and state economy, slow progress in the city’s efforts to annex Fry Town, rising traffic fatalities, and a new study declaring the region the 25th worst in which to get sick.

First Hour – Community News & Issue

Are you prepared for an emergency? Would your family know what to do if a community disaster happened? We had a visit from Brian Bussey, CEO & Founder of the International Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief Organization, who talked about his efforts to provide relief in disaster-hit areas, and how you can prepare yourself and your family for an emergency situation.

Third Hour – Emergency Preparedness