Friday Focus Morning Show – August 25

Big changes are coming to the Sierra Vista Herald on September 1, which includes dropping from seven issues to five. New publisher Jennifer Sorenson joined us to talk about why the paper is evolving and how it plans to stay relevant to the local community.

Second Hour – Sierra Vista Herald

Will Cochise County close two of its detention centers to save money in a struggling economy? Why is the Fry Fire District Chief against annexing Fry Town to Sierra Vista? And what are the real issues local residents are concerned about as candidates start emerging for the 2018 city council election? Eric Petermann, the Herald’s Opinions Editor, discussed these issues, and more, during our first hour.

First Hour – Community News & Issues

In 2016, the local community passed a $28m bond to help the Sierra Vista School District fund some vital building projects, and upgrades in the classroom. Barbara Williams, of the district’s governing board, and Jerry Proctor, co-chair of the bond oversight committee, dropped by to tell us how the money has been spent so far.

Third Hour – School Bond

Friday Focus Morning Show – August 18

Will Cochise County vote to raise your property taxes on Monday? Should Arizona remove Confederate monuments from state lands? Is the city overstepping the mark by considering a contract with Fort Huachuca that a local business claims will cost jobs? And is it time for Bisbee to get tough on those who don’t pay their sanitation bills? These were just some of the topics we looked at during the first hour of this week’s show. Our guest, as usual, was Eric Petermann of the Sierra Vista Herald.

First Hour – Community News & Issues

Assistant City Manager Mary Jacobs will leave Sierra Vista this month after 17 years in the job. She will become the new Oro Valley Town Manager in September. We asked Mary to reflect on her nearly two decades with the city, and to talk about the challenges faced, the opportunities presented, and what the future holds for our community.

Second Hour – Ast. City Manager Mary Jacobs

Thanks to the opening of the Canyon Vista Medical Center in April 2015, we now have a state-of-the-art wound care center in Cochise County. Its director, Cindy Fulbright, came by to tell us more about this great facility. And the hospital’s volunteer coordinator, gift store and Thrive manager, Valerie Weller, also joined us to tell us about the many opportunities to learn more about health and well being, and how you can become a hospital volunteer.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – August 11

Will Benson’s population explode in the next few years if Villages of Vigneto goes ahead? City manager Bill Stephens believes that could be a possibility, but is Benson ready for a large influx of people? Bill joined us to talk about this major development, which will have an impact on the entire county. We also touched on the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System and how that impacts the city’s budget, as well as tourism efforts.

Second hour – Benson City Manager

Topics during our first hour included the city’s spotlight breakfast, Sierra Vista’s new tourism marketing strategy, ongoing efforts to stall the clean up of junk yards in Huachuca City, the border wall, and the campaign to stop the expanded schools voucher program.

First Hour – Community news and issues

Captain Bob Fields of Sierra Vista Fire & Medical Services came by to promote the upcoming Citizens Fire Academy – find out what this program involves and how you can apply. We also looked at the many events coming up this weekend and beyond, including a visit to Tombstone by movie star Val Kilmer.

Third Hour – Citizens Fire Academy & Events

Friday Focus Morning Show – August 4

Is the City of Bisbee facing bankruptcy if it cannot meet its funding requirements for the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System? Mayor David Smith joined us to discuss this pressing issue, which could have dire consequences for the city and its taxpayers if nothing is done by the state legislature to fix the PSPRS. We also asked him about the $2.1 million debt run up by local businesses and residents who have failed to pay their sanitation bills, and he also explained why he was hesitant to give the annual Bisbee 1000 some of its event permits.

Second hour – City of Bisbee Mayor

Topics discussed during our first hour with Eric Petermann of the Sierra Vista Herald included property taxes and whether they should be raised, the recall of city council members by George Nerhan in Huachuca City, and the City of Sierra Vista’s new assistant city manager.

First Hour – Community News

In our third hour, sponsored by SSVEC, we spoke to staff from Premier Alliances, a non-profit that helps people with barriers to employment. Find out about the great work they are doing to overcome this issue in our community, and why they are supporting an upcoming triathlon for area youth, including kids with special needs.

Third Hour – Premier Alliances