Friday Focus Morning Show – July 21

Patient satisfaction is up, according to the top brass at Canyon Vista Medical Center. This week, we were joined by hospital CEO Randy Anderson, chief medical officer Dr. Willie Cochran, and board chair Bruce Dockter, who told us about the progress the 100-bed facility has been making since opening more than 2 years ago. They also addressed the current campaign by Copper Queen Hospital in Bisbee to encourage local residents to use its emergency room services.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

The health theme also ran through the second hour when Carrie Langley, Cochise County’s Health & Social Services Director, dropped by to talk about what her department does and how it helps  the region’s citizens – you’ll be surprised by what they do. We also caught up with the Friends of the Sierra Vista Animal Shelter, who received $500 from the Sierra Vista Herald, thanks to a recent pet-themed fundraiser.

Second Hour – Cochise County Health Department

During our first hour we mused over the week’s news with the Herald’s Eric Petermann, including the appointment of a new Sierra Vista economic development manager, ongoing plans to build a new Port of Entry near Douglas, the purchase of Donovan Dodge by Lawley Automotive, and the Sonoran Fest in Bisbee that cost the city more than $64,000.

First Hour – News & Issues

Friday Focus Morning Show – July 14

Did you know we have three National Park Service attractions in Cochise County? If you haven’t visited Coronado National Memorial, Chiricahua National Monument and Fort Bowie National Historic Site, then you should plan on checking them out soon. Allen Etheridge, who oversees the parks as the regional superintendent, joined us to tell us about what each of the parks offers, the challenges his staff face on a daily basis, running a park on the U.S.-Mexican border, and what the future of National Park Service looks like.

Second Hour – National Park Service

Our weekly discussion with the Herald’s Eric Petermann included the huge debts faced by local authorities for the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System. What will local government entities do to tackle this serious issue? We also talked about the Bisbee council’s refusal to issue some permits to the annual Bisbee 1,000 event. Is this just petty politics or are there genuine concerns? Is the economy of Sierra Vista picking up? It looks like a few new businesses could be coming into the city, so are we finally coming out of our recession?

First Hour – Community news & issues

Becky Bjork, advertising manager with the Sierra Vista Herald/Bisbee Daily Review, dropped by to talk about the upcoming Women In Action event, which offers personal and professional development training. Find out how this event can help you both at work and home, and how you can sign up. And Tim Cervantes joined us to tell us about Second Saturday, a growing event that offers live entertainment, vendors, food and drinks, at Veterans Memorial Park.

Third Hour – Local Events

Friday Focus Morning Show – July 7

Will the City of Sierra Vista have an economic development manager in place soon? Is the current strategy to improve our economy working and is the branding effort working? Mayor Rick Mueller joined us to answer these questions, and more. We talked about his recent trip to Washington D.C. and what lies ahead for Fort Huachuca. And find out his thoughts on using money from current job vacancies on other projects.

Second Hour – Mayor Rick Mueller

Economic development also dominated our first hour, when we discussed the current city strategy and what might happen down the road with the Herald’s Eric Petermann. Why are some residents of Fry Town resisting annexation to the city and  what’s the latest on the Howard Buffet Foundation donation of four trucks to the County Sheriff’s department?

First Hour – Local news & issues

In our final hour, we learned about what goes on behind the scenes with B Troop, 4th U.S. Cavalry (Memorial). We were joined by B Troop’s program coordinator Chris Zimmerman and troop executive officer CW4 Ty Riemann.

Third Hour – B Troop