Friday Focus Morning Show – June 30

If you’ve never been to the July 4 fireworks in Sierra Vista, then you’re missing a spectacular display – one of the best in the state. Find out what it takes to put on this amazing event, along with all the ¬†other activities that lead up to it, from Rotarians Randy Sueskind and Richard Besselman, and chief pyrotechnician Wayne Gregan.

Second hour – July 4 celebrations

Love the theater? Don’t miss the latest production from Theater on the Move – Sherlock Homes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club. Founder Thomas Kelley dropped by the studio to tell us all about it. We were also joined by Gordon Anderson, one of the organizers of a new event in Tombstone – Freedom Days. We also have details on numerous events taking place over the next few days.

Third Hour – Local events

Our first hour with Eric Petermann did not record. 

Friday Focus Morning Show – June 2

Due to a technical error, we do not have the first hour available this week.

What lies ahead for the City of Sierra Vista as it goes through the annual budget process? Will there be cuts in services and will local residents be paying for another sales tax hike? We asked Mayor Rick Mueller these questions, and much more. Hear his views on the status of the local economy, the future of economic development, and why he thinks Sierra Vista has turned a corner.

Second hour – Mayor Rick Mueller

Heroes Healing Heroes Hunting Foundation is a relatively new non-profit that works to help veterans with emotional and physical disabilities and obstacles. In just a few months the organization has grown quickly and is looking for more help from the community. We spoke to founder Wayne Dubois and board member Gary Linendol. Thanks to SSVEC for sponsoring this hour.

Third Hour – Heroes Healing Heroes