Friday Focus Morning Show – April 28, 2017

We were delighted to welcome back Daniel Parrotta, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, who dropped by to tell us about an exciting new partnership with Cochise College. He was joined by Dr. Clyne Namuo, Dean of Business & Technology, who explained how the college’s construction students will be helping to build Habitat’s next home for a low-income family.

Third Hour – Cochise College/Habitat for Humanity

What are the city council’s goals and priorities? Will Douglas get a badly needed commercial port of entry? How did Sierra Vista fare in a recent poll of best places for families, and what are the continuing impacts of Prop 206 on local small businesses? These are some of the subjects we discussed with Eric Petermann of the Sierra Vista Herald during our first hour.

First Hour – Community News

In our second hour occasional host Tim Cervantes talked to local musician and music promoter John Flanagan about the local entertainment scene and the ongoing efforts to provide venues to show local artists. Among those artists is Kira Gee, John’s granddaughter, who brought her guitar and treated us to some beautiful singing.

Second Hour – Local music scene

Friday Focus Morning Show – April 21

What’s the economic forecast for Sierra Vista and Cochise County? We give you an exclusive insight into this week’s Annual Economic Outlook Luncheon, where economist Dr. Robert Carreira tells the community how the economy did in 2016, and his predictions moving forward – there is light at the end of the tunnel! We also talked about the Army Chief of Staff’s visit to Fort Huachuca, whether Congresswoman Martha McSally should attend a town hall, teachers’ pay, and the schools voucher program.

First Hour – Local News

Substance abuse is a problem among young people in Cochise County. In our second hour we heard from Monica Rawlings, of IMPACT Sierra Vista, and Beverly Mason, of Mothers Against Drink Driving, who talk about the issue and what parents and schools can do about it.

Second Hour – Substance Abuse

Finally, we talked to the folks of Canyon Vista Medical Center about neonatal and women’s healthcare. We were joined by experienced neonatal nurse and educator Teresa Kattke, clinical assistant Andrea Bass, and Dr. Michael Stevens, who is the community’s newest OB/GYN.

Third Hour – canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – April 14

The city council decided to drop plans to designate 342-acres along Fry Boulevard as “blight and slum”, but will pursue another avenue. Find out what that will be during the first hour of the Friday Focus Morning Show. We were joined by the Herald’s Eric Petermann who joined the lively discussion about local economic development, border tourism, population declines, and more.

First Hour – Local News

The new Cochise County Administrator Ed Gilligan dropped by the studio to talk about his future plans for the organization. They include a focus on economic development, a new strategy regarding staff pay raises and benefits, and how he plans to deal with continuing budget challenges.

Second Hour – Ed Gilligan, Cochise County

Do you have some old prescription drugs you need to dispose of? Carol Capas of the Sheriff’s department, and Monica Rawlings, of Impact Sierra Vista, told us how the public can do that. And we had a great discussion with Daniel Parrotta and Jake Jones-Martinez from Habitat for Humanity about the important work they do in our community.

Third Hour – Habitat for Humanity

Friday Focus Morning Show – April 7

The City of Sierra Vista received a $720,000 economic development grant this week, so what do they plan to do with it? We had a brief discussion about this, as well as the Sierra Vista Food Co-op, which continues to hold its own during a challenging economy. We were also joined by Arleen Garcia, animal control supervisor, and Jane Strain, a member of the Friends of Sierra Vista Animal Shelter board of directors. They talked about the ongoing campaign to raise money for a new animal safe trailer, how you can save money if you adopt a dog during April, and volunteer opportunities.

First Hour – Animal Shelter & Local News

Following the successful school bond election last November, Buena High School is looking forward to some exciting improvements in the classroom. Principal Dawn Maddock and Assistant Principal Greg Duce told us about these positive changes, as well as how they are successfully recruiting and retaining teachers. They also discussed the recent class wars and how that issue is being dealt with, as well as how social media has impacted the daily operations of the 2,300-student school.

Second Hour – Buena High School

Unfortunately there are 19% of children in Cochise County living in poverty. But Peach’s Pantry is working hard to ensure many of those young people are not going hungry over the weekend when they leave school on Friday afternoon. CEO Sarah Pacheco told us how the non-profit operates and why it is needed in our community. The annual March for Mental Health is coming up and Judy Tritz and Dee Foster, of NAMI, dropped by to tell us all about the April 22 event. Finally, we have the details on all the events coming up this weekend and beyond. Thanks to SSVEC for sponsoring our third hour.

Third Hour – Non-Profits and Local Events