Friday Focus Morning Show – March 31

How would a 20% border tax impact Cochise County? Will the city abandon plans to redevelop the West End? Why is Cox Communications withdrawing services from Huachuca City? And should the city election system be changed? These were some of the topics we discussed during the first hour of the show with Eric Petermann of the Sierra Vista Herald.

First Hour – News & Views

Relay For Life is a popular and long running event in our community and Nina Sanchez and Gloria Vasquez, of the American Cancer Society, dropped by to tell us about this year’s fundraiser. And Eva Dickerson talked to us about the Sierra Vista Sunrise Rotary Club’s annual Rising Sun Run.

Second hour – Community Fundraisers

Finally, catch up on all of this weekend’s and next week’s community events, including a designer garage sale tomorrow. Organizer Sue Nagle visited the studio to give us the details.

Third Hour – Community Events

Friday Focus Morning Show – March 24

Want to know the latest from Fort Huachuca? Garrison Commander Col. Whit Wright stopped by the studio to talk about a wide variety of topics, including possible areas of future growth, the federal hiring freeze, changes to the post’s access policy, and the proposed federal budget and what it could mean for the military.

First Hour – Fort Huachuca

How will a federal proposal to cut Community Development Block Grant money impact Sierra Vista, which is a regular recipient of these funds? What good news was announced this week with regards to water retention and the San Pedro River? And is enough being done to clean up the junk yards of Huachuca City? These are just some of the issues we discussed with Eric Petermann, of the Sierra Vista Herald.

Second Hour – Local news & events

We had a fascinating discussion with Dr. Melody Buckner, the interim Dean at the University of Arizona South. Melody filled us in on the many exciting projects and courses taking place at the campus, and how the university is embracing new technologies to benefit the community and its students.

Third Hour – University of Arizona South

Friday Focus Morning Show – March 17

Will there be a new wall along the border? What does the future hold for the Border Patrol, and will Cochise County be seeing additional agents soon? These are just some of the questions we posed to Michael Hyatt, Agent in Charge at the Brian  A. Terry Border Patrol Station, Naco. Hear what he had to say about life working along the border and why a solid wall may not necessarily be the answer to national security.

Second Hour – Border Patrol

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with the help of Mary Coyle and Billy Power, who told us about an event to honor the patron saint of Ireland. Billy also entertained with a beautiful song from the Emerald Isle. We were also joined by film director Rod Stevens, who will be premiering his short movie ‘Learning To Drive’ in Sierra Vista on March 25 at the Uptown Theater. His work has been garnering global attention. He was accompanied by Derek Jordan, of Premier Alliances, a local non-profit sponsoring the movie screening.

First Hour – Local Events

In our final hour we learned about the day-to-day operations of the busy emergency department at Canyon Vista Medical Center. Kim Reger, the department’s director, and Gina Florez, pre-hospital coordinator, joined us in the studio to share information and updates.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – March 10

Why are assaults on police officers on the rise? Does the local police department welcome the introduction of body cameras? And do you have what it takes become a law enforcement officer? Sierra Vista’s police chief, Adam Thrasher, gave us his thoughts on these topics and more on the second hour of this week’s show.

Second Hour – Police Chief Adam Thrasher

The Herald’s opinions editor, Eric Petermann, came by to discuss the week’s news, including the conclusion of the bike racks issue, why some businesses continue to oppose a West End redevelopment plan, and how local firefighters went above and beyond to take care of a local resident. We also heard from Arleen Garcia about the Celebrating Animals event coming up on March 18, and Dave Grieshop explained how we can help local good causes when we file our tax returns.

First Hour – Local news & events

Cochise College president J.D. Rottweiler joined us in our third hour to talk about the college’s latest efforts to encourage 16 to 24-year-olds to enter higher education, how budget cuts and lower enrollment figures are impacting the organization, and how the community can help pay for scholarships through a fun fundraiser coming up next month.

Third Hour – Cochise College

Friday Focus Morning Show – March 3

Why are assaults on Sierra Vista’s police officers rising? Will local businesses agree to have their properties designated as part of a redevelopment area? What does it take to become an American citizen, and is there good news regarding home sales? These are just some of the topics we discussed during the first hour of this week’s Friday Focus Morning Show.

First hour – Local news and events

Find out how easy it is to save a gallon of water a day and to do your part to conserve this valuable resource. We interviewed Mary Anne Capehart, of Water Wise, about some of their latest initiatives, including an interesting way to water your plants using earthenware pots.

Second hour – Water Wise

In our final hour we learned more about Catholic Community Services and their programs to help local people struggling to pay their mortgages from Lydia Ramirez. We also heard from Tait Wilcox, who told us about the new look Home & Business Expo being hosted by the Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association. Thanks to SSVEC for sponsoring this hour!

Third hour – Catholic Community Services / SACA Home Show