Friday Focus Morning Show – Jan 20, 2017

img_0064On this week’s show, find out the fate of the motorcycle helmet law, what the future could hold for Villages at Vigneto in Benson, what’s happening with the old Sutherlands store, and how¬†local residents are fighting back over junkyards in Huachuca City. Hosts Pat Call and Amanda Baillie discussed these topics, plus their views on a Trump presidency and its impact on Cochise County, with Eric Petermann, Opinions Editor of the Sierra Vista Herald.

First Hour – Community Issues & News

IMG_0230In our second hour Liz Galarza and Moniek James dropped by to tell us about a James Bond-themed event hosted by the Ft. Huachuca Community Spouses Club. And Long Realty Branch Manager Jean Giuffrida gave us some insights on the local real estate market.

Second Hour – Housing Market

IMG_0231Finally, we were joined by Randy Anderson, CEO of Canyon Vista Medical Center, who talked about the Affordable Care Act, its possible repeal, and how that will impact the hospital. We also spoke with Crystal Corbett and Dawn Dye about the hospital’s cardiac services.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – Jan 13, 2017

IMG_0227We had a lively discussion this week about a range of community issues, including plans for West End redevelopment, a proposed new concierge service for tourists, and a possible new law mandating motorcyclists wear helmets. Eric Petermann, Opinions Editor of the Sierra Vista Herald, joined hosts Pat Call and Amanda Baillie to talk about these subjects and their impact on our community. Demetry Simonton, of the NAACP and Sierra Vista African American Community Summit, also stopped by to give us details on this Monday’s Martin Luther King Day March.

First Hour – Community news and events

IMG_0228If you own a business or think you have an idea for a business, you won’t want to miss our second hour where we spoke with Mark Schmitt of the Cochise College Small Business Development Center about the Shark Tank program. This workshop will provide entrepreneurs with invaluable information about every aspect of starting and running a company.

Second Hour – Events & Small Business Development Center

Our third hour included a conversation with Ed Molina, director of the Cochise College Veterans Business Outreach Center, which also has a one-day class next week focussed on running a business. Ed also told us about how the VBOC benefits both veterans and non-veterans. Finally, we learned more about the college’s Cooperative Education program, which finds area students internships to help them successfully complete their studies. Joanne Darbee, director of the program, joined us for that discussion.

Third Hour – Cochise College

Friday Focus Morning Show – Jan 6, 2017

img_0064On our first show in 2017 we spent an hour discussing the latest community news and issues with Eric Petermann, Opinions Editor of the Sierra Vista Herald. Topics included federal overreach, the minimum wage increase and the paper’s On Your Mind column.

First Hour – Current Events

img_0323Lisa Marra stays busy in her job as the Communications & Community Relations Administrator at Cochise County. She joined us to tell us about the latest news from the County.

Second Hour – Cochise County

In our final hour we learned about the various car clubs in town from auto enthusiasts Will Benning and Joe Krapps. Learn about what these clubs do and how they benefit the community.

Third Hour – Car Clubs