Friday Focus Morning Show – October 28

img_0064We had a very interesting and in-depth discussion with Eric Petermann, the Opinions Editor of the Sierra Vista Herald/Bisbee Daily Review, about the local issues and news currently impacting our community. Eric spent a couple of hours with hosts Pat Call and Amanda Baillie covering a range of subjects from the border and the economy to the election, Props 205 and 206, parking problems in Bisbee, the state of the newspaper industry, and much more. We had varying opinions and it was an interesting debate.

Second Hour – News & Issues

Third Hour – News & Issues

img_0042It’s Halloween and if you’re looking for things to do for the whole family then there is no shortage of activities. We have all the details you need for a spooktacular few days. Christopher Bentley, a Park Ranger with Coronado National Memorial, also stopped by to tell us about the upcoming Borderland Festival on November 5 to celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service. And Sgt. Mertie img_0063Stompro joined us in the studio to talk about the Sierra Vista Police Officers’ Association Foot Pursuit, taking place tomorrow morning. All this and much more on 1420 KTAN.

First Hour – Local Events

Friday Focus Morning Show – October 21

How much of an issue is illegal immigration and drugs smuggling for those who live on the border? We discussed this topic with local ranchers John Ladd and Fred Davis, who also told us about the impact on their businesses, what they think about Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall, and how to deal with the drugs war.

John Ladd and Fred Davis

img_0059img_0060Dedicated followers of fashion should not miss out on an upcoming Sierra Vista Woman’s Club event. The organization is holdings its 39th Annual Fashion Show on October 29 and members of the club joined us to tell us all about it. Pat Wick from the Sierra Vista Herald also dropped by to tell us about the Taste of Home Cooking School, taking place on October 25.

Upcoming Events

img_0062We learned a lot about the Southwest Kidney Institute from Dr. Shani Kotadia and the Canyon Vista Medical Center’s Critical Care Unit from its director, Anna Ray. Find out about the improvements being made to ensure high quality patient care for area residents.

Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – October 14

img_0056What a packed show we had today! We learned a lot from our guests about a wide variety of things in our community and beyond. Wendee Grinde, director of community relations, University South Foundation, Kendra Bergman, executive vice president, and Maria Juvera, board member, came by to tell us about the upcoming Dining Under The Stars event. We discussed the Congressional District 2 debate with the Herald’s Eric Petermann, and Adam Curtis, who is the city’s Public Information Officer, had info on how the public can brag about Sierra Vista.

First Hour – Upcoming Events

img_0057Our guests during hour two were Colt Alford, who is the manager of Patagonia Lake State Park, Sonoita Creek park, and the San Rafael State Natural Area, and Linda Rushton, organizer of the Santa Cruz County International Film Festival. Both Colt and Linda told us about the fascinating history behind the San Rafael House and why it will play host to part of the festival. Learn more about Patagonia Lake also during this interesting interview.

Second Hour – State Parks & Santa Cruz Film Festival

img_0058Mark Schmitt, of the Cochise College Small Business Development Center, brought us up to date on programs for local entrepreneurs, including the latest Shark Tank, which kicks off in January. And Don Wirthlin, the college’s Unmanned Aerial Systems instructor, educated us on the current ‘drone’ program and its future possibilities.

Third Hour – Cochise College

Friday Focus Morning Show – Oct 7

img_0052Do you think smoking should be banned at Sierra Vista city parks and sports fields? Find out how you can have your say on this issue on today’s show. Get all the details you need on this weekend’s Cars In The Park, Huachuca Gem Show, Vintage Bisbee Festival, new home brewing classes at the city, plus much more. Tate Wilcox, of the Southeast AZ Contractors Association, dropped by the studio to tell us about the organization’s upcoming charity golf tournament.

First Hour – Upcoming Events

img_0053In our second hour our guests were Tony Pinson, Career Development Specialist with Goodwill Industries, and Sharon Hinds, the manager of our local Goodwill store. Find out about the organization’s mission to put people back to work, the services they offer jobseekers, and some tips for your resume. Sharon told us about the process for donating items to the store, what kind of items ¬†you will find there, and how you can get everything you need for your Halloween party.

Second Hour – Goodwill

Our guests during our final hour were from Cochise Oncology, which is celebrating its 10th year. Ann Gibson, is the public relations manager, and Carol Turner, a dosimetrist. They told us how Cochise Oncology offers state-of-the-art treatment, which means cancer patients don’t have to travel out of the community. Find out what a dosimetrist does, the advances in treatments, and why founder Dr. Janet Nettleton decided to open this center of excellence in Sierra Vista.

Third Hour – Cochise Oncology