Friday Focus Morning Show – Feb 24

Should parts of the West End be designated as blighted to obtain much needed redevelopment funds? We had an in-depth discussion with Mayor Rick Mueller about this subject, and how the business community can have its say. We also talked about potential federal overreach on local water rights which could have a lasting impact on our community. Mayor Mueller told us about the city’s approach to this issue, along with his views on the local economy.

Second hour – Mayor Rick Mueller

Would you pay to visit Brown Canyon Ranch and other local attractions that are currently free? The Coronado National Forest is considering introducing new fees, raising current fees, and closing some visitor amenities to close a $2.5m budget gap. This was a subject of discussion during our first hour, which also included the border fence, the West End, and federal government representative town halls. We also heard from Jan Groth about the upcoming High Desert Gardeners and Landscaping Conference, and from Beth Orozco and Jay Treiber, of the Cochise Creative Writing Celebration.

First hour – Local news & events

In our third hour we learned about the Canyon Vista Medical Center’s Advanced Wound Care Center from Dr. Kara Montes, Clinical Nurse Manager Nettie Steward, and Program Manager Cindy Fulbright. Find out about the center’s state-of-the-art services, who can take advantage of it, and why the center received a 98% satisfaction rate from its patients.

Third hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – Feb 17

If you want to find out more about tourism marketing and how visitors find out about Cochise County, then you won’t want to miss our interview with Judy Hector, the city’s Marketing, Tourism & Public Affairs Manager. We talked to Judy in our second hour about the city’s brand and how it’s being utilized, where and how Sierra Vista is being promoted, how the city attracts travel writers and television program makers to our region, and an exciting new event coming up in May.

First Hour – Community news and events

During our first hour we discussed local news events, such as the Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting, the change of management at Cochise County, the border fence, and more. We’ve also got lots of info on events taking place in and around the region, including a casino fundraising night for Relay for Life .

Second Hour – Tourism

Finally, we learned about an organization called Project Toothbrush for Homeless Veterans from our guest Anna Lee David. Find out how you can help this great cause. The Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra is staging its popular Men Who Cook fundraiser on March 4, followed by a Neil Diamond Tribute Concert on March 5. Get details on tickets and other info.

Third Hour – Homeless veterans / Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra

Friday Focus Morning Show – February 10

Sierra Vista police officers will be wearing body cameras while out on patrol and we talked about why that is a good idea during the first hour of this morning’s show. We also discussed the latest news regarding ing the local economy with the Herald’s Eric Petermann, as well as concerns regarding teen vaping, the latest on the bicycle racks, and other local issues.

First Hour – Current Affairs

Learn more about the next production from Theater On The Move from guest Renee Lipinski, who told us how local actors will be bringing the classic story ‘Harvey’ to the stage. Why is $10,000 being spent on a Vista Transit study? Dan Coxworth, of the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Organization, joined us to tell us about that topic, as well as other traffic news. We also discussed plans to improve the West End.

Second Hour – Transportation

In our final hour we continued the discussion with Dan, before being joined by T.K. McCutcheon of the Salvation Army, which has a fundraising Valentine’s gala coming up. T.K. also told us about the impact of the new building, which opened last year.

Third Hour – Salvation Army

Friday Focus Morning Show – Jan 20, 2017

img_0064On this week’s show, find out the fate of the motorcycle helmet law, what the future could hold for Villages at Vigneto in Benson, what’s happening with the old Sutherlands store, and how local residents are fighting back over junkyards in Huachuca City. Hosts Pat Call and Amanda Baillie discussed these topics, plus their views on a Trump presidency and its impact on Cochise County, with Eric Petermann, Opinions Editor of the Sierra Vista Herald.

First Hour – Community Issues & News

IMG_0230In our second hour Liz Galarza and Moniek James dropped by to tell us about a James Bond-themed event hosted by the Ft. Huachuca Community Spouses Club. And Long Realty Branch Manager Jean Giuffrida gave us some insights on the local real estate market.

Second Hour – Housing Market

IMG_0231Finally, we were joined by Randy Anderson, CEO of Canyon Vista Medical Center, who talked about the Affordable Care Act, its possible repeal, and how that will impact the hospital. We also spoke with Crystal Corbett and Dawn Dye about the hospital’s cardiac services.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – Jan 13, 2017

IMG_0227We had a lively discussion this week about a range of community issues, including plans for West End redevelopment, a proposed new concierge service for tourists, and a possible new law mandating motorcyclists wear helmets. Eric Petermann, Opinions Editor of the Sierra Vista Herald, joined hosts Pat Call and Amanda Baillie to talk about these subjects and their impact on our community. Demetry Simonton, of the NAACP and Sierra Vista African American Community Summit, also stopped by to give us details on this Monday’s Martin Luther King Day March.

First Hour – Community news and events

IMG_0228If you own a business or think you have an idea for a business, you won’t want to miss our second hour where we spoke with Mark Schmitt of the Cochise College Small Business Development Center about the Shark Tank program. This workshop will provide entrepreneurs with invaluable information about every aspect of starting and running a company.

Second Hour – Events & Small Business Development Center

Our third hour included a conversation with Ed Molina, director of the Cochise College Veterans Business Outreach Center, which also has a one-day class next week focussed on running a business. Ed also told us about how the VBOC benefits both veterans and non-veterans. Finally, we learned more about the college’s Cooperative Education program, which finds area students internships to help them successfully complete their studies. Joanne Darbee, director of the program, joined us for that discussion.

Third Hour – Cochise College

Friday Focus Morning Show – Jan 6, 2017

img_0064On our first show in 2017 we spent an hour discussing the latest community news and issues with Eric Petermann, Opinions Editor of the Sierra Vista Herald. Topics included federal overreach, the minimum wage increase and the paper’s On Your Mind column.

First Hour – Current Events

img_0323Lisa Marra stays busy in her job as the Communications & Community Relations Administrator at Cochise County. She joined us to tell us about the latest news from the County.

Second Hour – Cochise County

In our final hour we learned about the various car clubs in town from auto enthusiasts Will Benning and Joe Krapps. Learn about what these clubs do and how they benefit the community.

Third Hour – Car Clubs


Friday Focus Morning Show – December 9

img_0096Lots of Christmas events going on this weekend and over the coming days. We’ve got all the details for your festive fun. We were also joined by Sierra Vista detective Bill Heiple who came by to tell us about the annual Christmas With A Cop event. We also discussed this week’s local news, including the future of Sears, plans to reduce voting lines in future elections, and City Council discussions regarding the 13 citizen commissions.

First Hour – Upcoming Events & Local News

img_0097We had a busy second hour, which started with an interview with Jim Willig from Toys for Tots. Jim has been involved in this U.S. Marines Corps charity since 1955! Learn more about the great work this non-profit does for local children in need. We also spoke with Tim Cervantes from The Cochise Water Project about its latest programs, including plans to give away 600 smart irrigation controllers to local residents and businesses.

Second Hour – Upcoming Events & The Cochise Water Project

img_4736In our third hour we were joined by staff from Cochise College, including Jim Nosek and Noelle Coats, who talked about respiratory therapy, and Ed Molina, who is heading up the college’s new Veterans’ Business Outreach Center.

Third Hour – Cochise College


Friday Focus Morning Show – December 2

img_0064If you’re confused about water issues in our community, then we recommend you listen to the interview we did with Eric Petermann, of the Sierra Vista Herald. Eric wrote a detailed article about the ongoing court case involving local water rights. A key player is the Bureau of Land Management, which is asking for a substantial amount of water for the San Pedro River. If the BLM wins its case, it will have significant consequences for everyone in the Sierra Vista sub watershed. We also discussed the current Arby’s demolition and the issue of blight in Sierra Vista.

Third Hour – BLM water rights and community news

img_0094During our first hour we covered many of the Christmas events taking place this weekend, as well as other happenings. We also spoke with Shontel Stanford, a local author who has written about her experiences as a single mother. She will be conducting a book signing on December 10 at the Landmark Cafe.

First Hour – Upcoming Events

img_0095In hour two we were joined by Rachel Gray, the new executive director of Premier Alliances, a local charity which helps disabled people to find employment. Rachel spoke about the great work this organization does in our community and her plans for its future. This interview also included one of its employees, Billy Ballesteros, who is a Premier Alliance success story. He told us about the work he’s responsible for on Fort Huachuca.

Second Hour – Premier Alliances

Friday Focus Morning Show – November 18

img_0075It’s not an easy conversation to start, but have you thought about what your family would do in the event of a terminal illness? We spoke to the staff of Canyon Vista Medical Center’s Casa de la Paz Hospice about the amazing work they do for community members and how everyone should be thinking about how to handle such a situation. We were joined by Bereavement Facilitator Annette Shelton, Hospice Director Claudia Garcia, and Hospice Chaplain Dave Shelton for an informative discussion.

Third Hour – Casa de la Paz Hospice

img_0073Find out about an upcoming Christmas play, based on A Christmas Carol, from show director Rene Lipinski, as well as other events taking place this weekend and beyond. We also spoke with Eric Petermann of the Sierra Vista Herald, about local news and issues.

First Hour – Upcoming Events

img_0074Getting into debt at an early age is a problem for many across the country, so we spoke to Dave Grieshop who teaches a finance course to high school students across Cochise County. He was joined by Benson High School teacher Marvin Sorenson, who has welcomed Dave into his classroom on several occasions.

Second Hour – Credit Card debt


Friday Focus Morning Show – November 4

img_0070There is no denying Sierra Vista’s economy is dependent upon Fort Huachuca, so what can we do to protect its future? We spoke to Lucian Niemeyer, a strategic advisor hired by the City of Sierra Vista, Cochise County and the Huachuca 50 to represent our interests in Washington, D.C. Hear what he had to stay about strengths and weaknesses of the fort, his thoughts on sequestration, force readiness, and why he believes a Base Realignment And Closure process could be beneficial for Fort Huachuca and Sierra Vista.

Second Hour – Lucian Niemeyer

img_0066 img_0067Many of us will have a tree in our homes over the festive season, but there are many families who cannot afford to do so. Pat Mallett, of A Tree 4 Christmas, joined us to tell us about this charity’s work to provide decorated trees for those in need. We also heard from Gary Shreve, of the Huachuca Art Association, about his artist reception at the Landmark Cafe this weekend. We spoke to Eric Petermann of the Herald about local news, and we have details on various events taking place this weekend.

First Hour – Local events

img_0068In our final hour we learned more about the effort to raise funds for a new Animal Safe Trailer for the city’s animal shelter from Arlene Garcia, Animal Control Supervisor, and Jane Strain, of the Friends of the Sierra Vista Animal Shelter. And if you are still undecided with regards to the school bond issue, listen to the arguments for voting yes from parent Hollie Sheriff, img_0069the Huachuca 50’s Tom Finnegan, and Chamber executive director Mary Tieman.

Third Hour – Animal Safe Trailer & School Bond