Friday Focus Morning Show – March 16, 2018

Will the Tribute development finally be moving ahead in the near future? Castle & Cooke Senior Vice President Rick Coffman joined us to talk about the ongoing court battle to build out one of the last remaining developable properties in Sierra Vista. He also gave his thoughts on the current housing market.

Second Hour – Castle & Cooke

Topics discussed in our first hour included plans to narrow west Fry Boulevard, the County’s new strategic plan, and a $500,000 grant which will allow the County to take another step toward building a water recharge basin near the San Pedro River.

First Hour – Community News

In our third hour we discussed the latest news from Canyon Vista Medical Center. Our guests included Joy Upshaw, Chief Nursing Officer, Cosette Britton, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer, and Rachael Penix, Acute Care Director.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – March 9, 2018

The new West Sierra Vista Development Plan will be voted on by the city council on March 22. Will this matching funds program for businesses help to revitalize the West End? There are some good signs that the local economy is recovering. Is Cochise County turning a corner and does prosperity lie ahead?  And traffic accidents are up in Sierra Vista. Did the the infamous red light cameras make us safer or do we just have too many bad drivers in the community? We also heard from Master Gardener Jan Groth, who told us about the annual Cochise County Master Gardeners’ Conference on March 15, 16 & 17.

First Hour – Community News

Former city councilman and Cochise County Re-entry Coalition board member Tom Reardon and local attorney David Thorn dropped by to tell us about the Restoration of Civil Rights Workshop on March 23. Learn how and why convicted felons should apply to have their civil rights restored

Second Hour – Civil Rights Restoration Workshop

Friday Focus Morning Show – March 2, 2018

Home sales are at their highest levels since the housing boom of 2005. Is Cochise County ready to turn the economic corner? There’s a new CEO at Canyon Vista Medical Center, and what’s the latest on the domestic fowl ordinance being proposed by the City of Sierra Vista? Listen to our first hour to hear discussion on these topics and more.

First Hour – Community News

David Smith ran for Mayor of Bisbee on a seven-point economic plan. Now he has been in office for more than a year, how is that plan working out? Mayor Smith joined us to talk about the State of the City, as well as plans for a new city hall.

Second Hour – Mayor of Bisbee

Eric Silverberg, Cochise County Superior Court Administrator, dropped by to tell us about the upcoming Law Day event, as well as the progress of the new self service library. And Mark Apel and Tom Finnegan discussed the Fort Huachuca Sentinal Landscape open day at Cochise College, which focusses on conservation on the military installation and surrounding areas.

Third Hour – Community events

Friday Focus Morning Show – February 23

Will more people step up to run for city council in Sierra Vista? Should we have more business-friendly candidates, or is the council already pro business? Hear the discussion on this issue, along with other community topics, between co-hosts Pat Call and Amanda Baillie, and our regular guest Eric Petermann.

First hour – Community News

Laura Wilson became Sierra Vista’s Director of Leisure & Libraries a few months ago. A long time local resident, Laura has lots of innovative ideas to boost recreational possibilities and improve services offered to area taxpayers.

Second Hour – Leisure & Libraries, Sierra Vista

Our third hour focussed on Via Elegante Assisted Living and the financial aspects of preparing for longterm care.

Third Hour – Assisted Living

Friday Focus Morning Show – February 16

President Trump’s proposed border wall has been in the spotlight recently, but what do local ranchers think about the idea? John Ladd, whose ranch runs along the Mexican border, gave us his thoughts on a possible 32-foot concrete structure being planned by one of the companies hoping to get the contract.

Second hour – Border Wall

Topics in our first hour included Bisbee’s State of the City presentation by Mayor David Smith – he says there is light at the end of the tunnel. We also talked about the closure of Habitat for Humanity, whether local elections should be all mail, the lack of candidates for Sierra Vista city council, and a proposal to increase vehicle registration fees.

First Hour – Community News

Friday Focus Morning Show – February 9, 2018

Huachuca City has a new town manager and he’s hit the ground running! Matthew Williams is already tackling the town’s financial issues and is looking at economic development opportunities. He also talked about blighted properties, community engagement, and how Huachuca City plans to be more visible across Cochise County.

Second Hour – Matthew Williams, Huachuca City

Topics of discussion in our first hour included Canyon Vista Medical Center and its recent challenges, the impact of the Harley-Davidson store closure in Sierra Vista, a proposal to allow taller business signs, and the fluoride in Bisbee’s water.

First Hour – Community Events

In the third hour we learned about upcoming events being hosted by Cochise College, including student government programs and the increasingly popular Comic Con.

Third Hour – Cochise College

Friday Focus Morning Show – February 2

Huachuca City has welcomed a new town manager, just as Benson has said goodbye to its leader. What impact will these changes have on these communities? We talked about this topic in our first hour, along with the news that Canyon Vista Medical Center CEO Randy Anderson has resigned. We also touched on the latest homeless counts in Cochise County, why workers don’t take vacations, and a proposed minimum wage bill.

First Hour – Community News

In our second hour our guest was Cochise County Administrator Ed Gilligan, who discussed economic development, the changes he has brought to the organization during his first year as administrator, the new county newsletter, and why partnerships are the key to future success.

Second Hour – Ed Gilligan

Get all the details on upcoming events, including this weekend’s Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering, and the latest Sherlock Holmes production from Theater On The Move, in hour three.

Third Hour – Community Events

Friday Focus Morning Show – January 26

Is Huachuca City beginning a new, prosperous era now that former mayor George Nerhan has been ordered to clean up his blighted properties? Are the outstanding sewer bills in Bisbee getting paid? Is their public apathy over elections and community involvement? And should the state legislature be allowed to choose candidates for the U.S. Senate? We discussed these topics during our first hour this week.

First Hour – Community News

A major initiative has been launched to create a healthier community. Cochise County Health & Social Services Director Carrie Langley, and Prevention Services Director Judy Gilligan, joined us to talk about Healthy Cochise and the Community Health Improvement Plan. Learn how you can get involved.

Second Hour – Community Health

In our third hour we were joined by Anne Walker and Marcy Werne of Via Elegante Assisted Living in Sierra Vista. Find out about what the facility offers, and when you should start thinking about assisted living for loved ones.

Third Hour – Via Elegante

Friday Focus Morning Show – Jan 19, 2018

Businesses are being invited to apply to get help through a technical assistance grant being managed by the City of Sierra Vista and economic development group Sun Corridor. The city’s economic development manager Tony Boone and Sun Corridor VP Michael Guymon joined us to talk about the grant and how it will help boost the local economy.

Second Hour – Economic Development

Should Tasers be allowed on college campuses? Is Cochise County prepared for a major disaster? Can Martha McSally win a seat in the U.S. Senate? And should pets be banned from restaurants and grocery stores if they are not legitimate service animals? These were just some of the subjects we discussed in the first hour.

First Hour – Community News

Flu season is taking its toll on local health services. What can you do to prevent the flu and what should you do if you get it? Canyon Vista Medical Center registered nurses Aimee Blum and Debra Meyer dropped by the studio to talk about this topical issue. And Dr. Sidney Semrad talked to us about cervical health awareness month.

Third Hour – Canyon Vista Medical Center

Friday Focus Morning Show – January 12, 2018

We’ve got some new businesses coming to Sierra Vista! Find out who will be opening their doors by listening to our interview with Matt McLachlan, Community Development Director with the City of Sierra Vista. He also talked about West End development, the possibility of a new ordinance allowing people to keep chickens and ducks, the annexation of Fry Town, and much more.

Second Hour – Community Development

In our first hour Pat and Amanda touched on the tragic student suicide at Coronado Elementary School, the latest news on Villages at Vigneto, the effort to bring more Customs & Border Patrol agents to Southern Arizona, and the news that Bisbee has been named a top global destination for 2018.

First Hour – Community News

Cochise College sponsored our third hour and talked about two new courses coming up – Agronomy, and Residential Construction Technology. We were joined by Dr. Cline Namuo, Dean of Business and Technology, Dr. Paul Sebesta, Agriculture Instructor, and Doug Schlarbaum, who will teach the construction students.

Third Hour – Cochise College